Almonte Massage Therapy Services

Almonte massage treatment roomStarting as a yoga teacher and Thai yoga massage practitioner, Ellen’s need to understand the body and its healthy function led her to return to school in 2005 to become a registered massage therapist. She has added new treatment skills each year, incorporating dry cupping technique, myofascial release, whiplash care, breast massage, scar health, and other in-depth studies along with her general practice.

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July 2017 update: Ellen Symons, RMT is on sabbatical and we regret that we are not offering appointments at this location for the moment.

To book a massage in Almonte, you may want to contact Kim Narraway, RMT, at 613-256-5665. Kim is not affiliated with Body Poets but is located at the same address at 359 Ottawa Street in downtown Almonte.

Core Services

  • Deep tissue massage – more than relaxation, we get through layers of tissue to address deeper areas of restriction
  • Treatment-focused massage – includes deep tissue, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, injury rehabilitation, etc.
  • Myofascial release – slow, lotion-free treatment to release adhesions in connective tissue (fascia)
  • Dry cupping – suction cup treatment that addresses connective tissue and muscle
  • Abdominal massage – for specific issues such as constipation, or as a soothing part of any massage
  • Breast treatment – to decrease swelling or PMS symptoms, help with breast feeding, or pre- or post-surgery
  • Whiplash injury – specific treatment to address the neck and upper body after a whiplash injury
  • Postural issues – postural assessment, pillowing and specific treatment in massage, and suggested home-care
  • Relaxation and wellness massage – to decrease stress or to maintain a feeling of overall health
  • Essential oil massage – uses aromatherapy with essential oils for specific issues or for general relaxation
  • Effective stretching and home care – there are simple things you can do between massages to keep yourself on track with your health goals