Almonte Massage Therapy by Body Poets Massage Therapy

Award-winning Body Poets Massage Therapy is a team of 12 registered massage therapists trained to help your sore back, stiff neck, headache, frozen shoulder, sprain or strain injury, high stress, and much more.

July 2017: Ellen Symons, RMT is on sabbatical and we regret that we are not offering appointments at this location for the moment. You can book an appointment at the main Body Poets Massage Therapy clinic in downtown Ottawa:
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To book a massage in Almonte, you may want to contact Kim Narraway, RMT, at 613-256-5665. Kim is not affiliated with Body Poets but is located at the same address at 359 Ottawa Street in downtown Almonte.

Locally owned and operated by Ellen Symons, RMT, our main Body Poets clinic in downtown Ottawa is a two-time nominee and 2016 winner of Top Massage Clinic in the city, while our clinic in Almonte is also owned and staffed by Ellen, who calls this small town home.

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